VIVID with NEW Dryline Technology by Vogue (UK)

VIVID (H800mm) with NEW Dryline Technology, Contemporary Collection by Vogue (UK)

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly launch the new VIVID Towel Warmer: a contemporary heating design now available with Electric Dryline Technology.
This pioneering and new Dryline Technology exclusive to Vogue (UK) means that VIVID does not contain any fluids.
Instead, this contemporary towel rail design is heated by a silicone heater cable via a 3-core cable which can be attached to a fuse spur, if required. 
So what’s the advantage of Electric Dryline Technology? Put simply, this type of heating solution does not operate off the central heating or hot water system, allowing for greater freedom of installation and efficiency.
VIVID runs independently of the heating or hot water system, thanks to a precision engineered Dryline element which remains invisible to the eye.  
Minimalist in style not function, the VIVID Towel Warmer is crafted from high quality brass and is defined by its mitred joints, contemporary plain tubing and lustrous chrome finish. Other finishes are also available.
VIVID with new Electric Dryline Technology is available in 4 different heights and three widths:

- H750mm x W450mm x D93mm – 4 Bars 
- H800mm x W650mm x D93mm – 4 Bars  
- H1250mm x W500mm x D93mm – 6 Bars
- H1250mm x W650mm x D93mm – 6 Bars 
- H1550mm x W500mm x D93mm – 8 Bars
- H1550mm x W650mm x D93mm – 8 Bars

Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK) says “VIVID is a practical wall-mounted towel warmer with a high capacity for hanging and drying thanks to offering a small 450mm footprint or much larger 1550mm height. Our new DL technology not only answers demand from our customers, but it also goes a long way to improving homeowner choice of siting and ability to add a towel warmer without the cost of breaking into the existing heating or hot water system.”

The VIVID Towel Warmer with NEW Dryline Technology is part of the Contemporary Collection by Vogue (UK) and is supplied with a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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