‘Lifestyle Luxury’ with New 2019 Brochure by Vogue (UK)

New 2019 Brochure FC [left] & Vogue UK Focus MD001 Towel Warmer in New Grey Sparkle finish [right]

The UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), launches a brand new brochure for 2019, featuring a host of on-trend products to help you create stylish heating and drying solutions in your home.

Presenting a market leading collection of pioneering heating solutions for every room in the home, Vogue (UK) showcase a range of brand new innovations and competitive pricing: effective for all orders received from 1st January, 2019. 

Redefining the heating market’s need for luxury designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK) embraces changing trends and buying habits to ensure you have the most competitive, high performing heating solution with absolutely no compromise to quality of design and build.

What’s New?

Its user friendly design offers even more product information than before, now supported by accessory recommendations, helpful model graphics and colourful product symbols which help define each design by construction, fuel type, finish and guarantee.

The 2019 brochure by Vogue (UK) also includes the following new solutions:
- New Heating Designs – contemporary models defined by functionality
- New Colours – a modern interpretation of white, black and grey
- New Finishes – an introduction to metallic inspired texture
- New Dimensions [select models] – wider and taller 
- New Valve Colours – for the height of coordination

A sneak preview on what’s to come from Vogue (UK) this 2019, is the pictured Focus Towel Warmer in brand New Grey Sparkle finish. Offering you a highly practical wall-mounted towel warmer with high capacity for hanging and drying towels, the new Focus Grey Sparkle is exclusively distinct and taps into the market’s unwavering admiration for grey interiors!

“Tactile interior design is a top priority for 2019, with the latest interior fashions seeking out new and exciting materials, finishes and atypical effects to create that all important wow-factor. Our new Grey Sparkle finish adds glitz and glamour to this classic multi-rail design, so you can answer this trend and heat your home in style” says Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK).

For the ‘individual’, Vogue (UK) also offers ‘Custom-made’ solutions across its standard portfolio featured in the 2019 Brochure. This allows for quick modification of our existing models, so we can adapt and transform both design and construction to suit you. Thus you can develop your own unique heating solution, in confidence of the highest level of quality and service. 

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