Joints and Tubing

We offer a huge range of joints to transform the look of your rail. Selecting your joint and tube design could not be more flexible. Our hand made selection of towel rails can be as individual as you are.

Vogue UK Tubing Range

Select your tubing with a flexible approach as we offer a vast array of styles… from smooth, round tube to more unique looks such as our angular, hexagonal tubes and more embellished options such as our reed and rope, you will be sure to find the perfect base to your towel rail.

Vogue UK Joint Range

With a wide selection of unique and beautiful joint options, you can effortlessly customise your towel rail to ensure your bathroom accessory perfectly fits with your individual specifications and style.

Ball Joint 1”

Legacy Ball Joint 1.25”

Originals Ball Joint

Charlotte Ball Joint 1.5"
Grandeur Joint

The 1909 Ball Joint

Cylinder Joint

Art Moderne Corner

Minama Square Corner

Romolo Joint

Art Linea Joint

Mitred Corner

Plain Corner

 Contemporary Corner

Minama Round Corner

Valour Bend

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