‘In the Loop’ with CYGNUS & DRACO by Vogue (UK)

Contemporary Towel Warmers by Vogue (UK): Left DRACO & Right CYGNUS

The UK’s leading British Manufacturer of designer heating solutions, Vogue (UK), balance the architectural beauty of both round and linear design across its CYGNUS and DRACO Contemporary Towel Warmers.
Symmetrical in design, scale and proportion, both the CYGNUS and DRACO Towel Warmer present a visual balance sure to enrich any space and complement every style. The Contemporary DRACO Towel Warmer (pictured left) epitomises parallel design with its fusion of function, beauty and engineering excellence.
Manufactured from high quality Mild Steel and finished in Chrome, DRACO creates an efficient hanging and drying space to warm and dry your fluffy towels. With a heat output of up to 928 Btu/hr or 272 Watts, DRACO is suitable for central heating, dual fuel or sealed electric systems and is shown with Vogue (UK)’s VL014 cubed Piazza valve with complementary design.

Measuring either 1000mm or 1300mm High by 500mm Wide and 180mm Depth, the DRACO Contemporary Towel Warmer is priced from £415 including vat and is available with 9 or 13 stylish double rails, which loop back into bold square section uprights.
In tandem with Draco is the CYGNUS Contemporary Towel Warmer by Vogue (UK), another example of how curved product design is stylish, practical and ergonomically friendly. The ideal heating solution for any contemporary bathroom or kitchen, CYGNUS is wall-mounted and also manufactured from high quality Mild Steel and finished in Chrome.
Stylish in its design, CYGNUS is divided into four rail segments so that you can easily maximise hanging and drying space. Available with 18 or the pictured 23 bar configuration, the CYGNUS Towel Warmer has a high heat output of up to 1897 Btu/hr or 556 Watts and measures 900 or 1200mm High by 500 Width and 183mm Depth. Similarly suitable for central heating, dual fuel or sealed electric systems, CYGNUS retails from £373 including vat.

Both the CYGNUS (DR012) and DRACO (DR015) Towel Warmers are supplied with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee and are part of the Contemporary Towel Rail Collection by Vogue (UK).

 Vogue (UK), the UK’s largest design radiator and towel warmer manufacturer offer the most comprehensive range of British and European heating solutions.


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