New for 2019 – Mild Steel Focus Horizontal MD001H in Chrome Ladder Rail Collection by Vogue UK


Satisfying the market’s need for applied design where function is not limited by room size, Focus Horizontal is ideal above a bath, sited beneath a window to minimise chill factor or installed discreetly below a shelf to make use of every piece of available wall space.

Highly ergonomic, the new Focus Horizontal is wall-mounted to provide a small footprint with purpose! Designed to provide ample space to warm and dry your towels, Focus H is wide enough for you to hang your towels side by side, without compromising on performance and aesthetics.

The new Focus Horizontal can be seen in the recently launched 2019 Brochure by Vogue (UK), in the reliable and time-tested Ladder Rail Collection.

Vogue (UK), the UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers continue to innovate the heating market with its latest new design for 2019, Focus Horizontal.

A smart alternative to the customary upright models, the new Focus H by Vogue (UK) is designed for optimal towel drying, owing to its horizontal arrangement with generous width and high heat output.

Affordable luxury is a key priority for 2019 home interiors and Focus Horizontal delivers on all aspects. High quality, economical and undeniably stylish, Focus H is a luxury contemporary towel rail with pioneering form and function.

Focus horizontal is crafted from Mild Steel and can be finished in the pictured Chrome or high-fashion Anthracite for a touch of industrial flair. Suitable for central heating systems, dual fuel and electric options, the new Focus H has a high heat output and models include:


  • H400 x W1000 x D93-113mm → 7 rails = 3+4 → 200/682 Watts/BTU’s
  • H500 x W1000 x D93-113mm → 9 rails = 3+6 → 256/873 Watts/BTU’s
  • H600 x W1000 x D93-113mm → 10 rails = 3+3+4 → 288/983 Watts/BTU’s


  • H400 → 302/1030 Watts/BTU’s
  • H500 → 386/1317 Watts/BTU’s
  • H600 → 434/1481 Watts/BTU’s

Steve Birch, Sales Director, Vogue (UK)When choosing a new towel rail, it is important to consider what needs it must fulfil. Towel warmers can perform two functions: to warm towels and/or to heat the room. Our new Focus Horizontal is able to deliver on both counts, warming and drying your towels as well as keeping the space a cosy temperature. Its Mild Steel construction is also a huge benefit, offering a superb finish, great value for money and lasting durability thanks to its easy-clean surface that is resistant to corrosion.”

Focus Horizontal by Vogue UK comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is priced from £84 including vat, with the pictured 500mm model in Chrome priced at £135.60 including vat: matching Arne valves also available.

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