Compelling in design, the FLY LINE Radiator presents a simple, yet high impact heating solution which is ideal for the contemporary home. By selecting between a vertical or horizontal design, you can create a completely different look and make the FLY LINE Radiator a feature in the room, fully utilising the space available.

If you have narrow or limited wall space available then FLY LINE Vertical is ideal as it can be offered from a slim-line 228mm width up to 672mm with an impressive 1800mm height!

Alternatively you may find that a low, long, landscape radiator may better suit your needs, for example to fit beneath a window. In which case the FLY LINE Horizontal will ensure a balance of efficiency, style and ergonomics. All models are available in either single, or double panel versions.

What’s the difference between a single or double panel radiator? Put simply, heat output. For the same space on your wall, you can increase the output by having the double panel version. For example the FLY LINE Vertical Double Panel Radiator by Vogue (UK) achieves an impressive heat output of up to 6417 Btu/hr or 1881 Watts.

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