Taking inspiration from the prominent design movements of our time which span the Victorian, Edwardian, Deco and Post-modern eras, we embrace traditional product design with its Originals Ball Joint Collection.

Vogue (UK) can answer the demand for traditional heating design through our impeccable selection of classically styled ball joints, valves and tubing.

The most popular model from our Additions Range of 15 possible joints, is the Originals Ball Joint, as pictured.

Allowing your radiator or towel warmer to be naturally accentuated by its traditional styling, the Originals Ball Joint measures 1.25 inches and is handmade and finished for the height of quality and performance.

If contemporary flair is more suited to your personal style then we offer a broad range of different styled Joints, Valves and Tubing that individually, add a heightened level of character, style and function to your design radiator or towel warmer. The authentically styled traditional joint options include Legacy, Originals, Charlotte, Grandeur, The 1909 and Art Moderne, all of which can enhance your chosen style of design radiator or towel warmer. For the modernist look, incorporate a more contemporarily styled joint like Minima, Romolo, Art Linea, Mitred, Plain, Contemporary or our most minimalistic joint, the Valour Bend.

With a selection of joints available across a range of our design radiators and towel warmers, the pictured models from left to right are:


Brass manufactured, Chrome finish
Heat output of 532 BTU/hr or 156 Watts
butler towel warmer


Brass manufactured, Chrome finish
Heat output of 989 BTU/hr or 290 Watts
elizabeth towel warmer


Brass manufactured, Chrome finish
Heat output of 751 BTU/hr or 220 Watts
grandeur towel warmer

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