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Electric Underfloor Heating


15 year guarantee

Electric Only


There is nothing that quite matches the comfort of warm feet when getting out of the bath or shower, especially in the cold winter months! Imagine stepping onto warm tiles controlled to the temperature you prefer.

Electric underfloor heating works by gently warming the mass of floor which in turn warms the rest of the room. Our underfloor heating kit is quick and easy to install. Ideally timed when you are fitting a new kitchen or bathroom. Electrical components are covered by a two year warranty.

The Underfloor Heating Kit Includes
The correct size heating mat.
Digital touch screen timer and thermostat.
Floor sensor and floor sensor mounting pipe.
Multimeter to check installation at every stage.
Comprehensive installation manual and control card.

Putting You in Control...
The digital touch screen, completely programmable timer and thermostatic controller enables you to fully regulate the temperature and control when the heating is on or off. The manual override means at the touch of a button the temperature can be higher or lower to suit as and when it is needed.

Technical Drawings

Here you will find a list of all available technical drawings for this product, please contact us if you require more information:

Electric Underfloor Heating Area Metre(s)
or made
to order
EUFH150-01.01.0150This is a stocked item
EUFH150-01.51.5225This is a stocked item
EUFH150-02.02.0300This is a stocked item
EUFH150-02.52.5375This is a stocked item
EUFH150-03.03.0450This is a stocked item
EUFH150-03.53.5525This is a stocked item
EUFH150-04.04.0600This is a stocked item
EUFH150-04.54.5675This is a stocked item
EUFH150-05.05.0750This is a stocked item
EUFH150-06.06.0900This is a stocked item
EUFH150-07.07.01050This is a stocked item
EUFH150-08.08.01200This is a stocked item
EUFH150-09.09.01350This is a stocked item
EUFH150-10.010.01500This is a stocked item
EUFH150-12.012.01800This is a stocked item